Millionaire’s Brain Academy Review

Millionaire’s Brain Academy is the first main building block of an overall system, but it’s a good starter for anyone who can’t get over the “motivation trap” and the “discipline trap.” These two traps are the flawed ideas that you need these two magical things (motivation and discipline) to appear out of thin air before you can be successful. This program shows you that they aren’t real, even for the people who seem to have them, and they show you what actually drives success instead from a mental perspective.

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The Big Idea

The Millionaire’s Brain Academy is actually a huge system with several different programs combined in a logical sequence. They’re designed to take you from being a complete mental mess in terms of being able to make things work out for you and to get you to the point that you’re making some real profits for the effort you put in. The eventual goal is to learn how to be hands-off and to have your business largely run itself, but that’s further down the line of programs that comprise this academy. We want to focus on the very first part of the program, which has the same name as the program itself.

The main focus here is that this is the first step, and the first step in any journey is preparation. You have to get everything ready to go, and in this case, the main focus is on your mind. Understand that if you do not have the right mental attitude and an understanding of how the mental side of things actually works, then you’re never going to get anywhere.

This program models this simple fact largely around two traps that people fall into almost 100 percent of the time: the motivation trap and the discipline trap. These traps are centered around huge misconceptions about what motivation and discipline are and the enormous myth that either of them are relevant at all to being successful.


  • This program does not offer “pie in the sky” processes to follow that are impossible for normal people.
  • There are numerous workbooks included with this program to help make the changes to your mental processes permanent.
  • You can use this as the first step in their overall program or as the first step in your own if you already have a business idea but just lack the drive to make it happen.


  • If you aren’t ready to have some of your ideas of how the mind works challenged, then you may not get much from this program.
  • Many readers find the truth behind the motivation trap and discipline trap a bit unsettling.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line for the Millionaire’s Brain Academy is that you’re going to have to be open to changing how you think by letting go of some things you may have mistakenly believed for your entire life. If you can do that, then you’ll find that things start happening almost effortlessly when it comes to tasks you want to do but can’t find the “motivation” or “discipline” to perform.

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