Tesla Code Secrets Review

This program is based on a model of thinking and living of Nikola Tesla. It uses something similar to an NLP modeling technique to break apart his thinking in key ways and then teach you how to adjust your own thinking to match similar patterns. While it doesn’t go into NLP at all, which is good because a lot of it isn’t particularly useful for most people, it does use certain modeling ideas that are similar to those found in NLP that have been shown to be effective in changing many types of mental processes, particularly those governed by simple habit.

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The Big Idea

The Tesla Code is about the mental approach or “code” that Nikola Tesla seems to have used and indicated in his writings about his inventions and the process he used to explore ideas and live life in the general sense. The man needs no introduction, and the level of drive and determination he had to make what he had in his mind a reality is absolutely legendary, without exaggerating one bit.

A lot of people get caught up on the idea of being “normal,” so they quickly learn to back away from things that might make them seem “abnormal.” The problem with this is that what’s normal is not at all what you want to be (lazy, unmotivated, undisciplined, etc.), so it can actually lead to self-sabotage. Where The Tesla Code excels is teaching you how to undo that unconscious drive to fit in.

Tesla himself stood out in a huge way because he was anything but normal, and that’s exactly why he’s almost universally considered the single most important inventor of the past several centuries. If he would have acted like everyone else, he never would have achieved everything he was able to in his lifetime.


  • This program uses a no-nonsense approach to identifying your mental processes that aren’t working how you want them to.
  • There is no “mystical” kind of slant going on here; everything is based on Tesla’s own approaches to invention and living.
  • Ideal for people who like to put a lot of effort into one skill that will provide a wide range of benefits.


  • This is not for people who are looking to put a ton of effort into slowly changing ingrained habits.

The Bottom Line

Nikola Tesla should have been one of the richest men to ever walk the face of the planet, but he was essentially stolen from for amounts of money that are difficult to even comprehend. His ability to create this overwhelming amount of value is the direct result of his process or “code” that is discussed in detail in the Tesla Code Secrets program. Learning to emulate such a hugely influential mind is at the heart of the method detailed in this program, and it’s something that virtually anyone could gain from if they have any sort of issue whatsoever with taking what’s in their head and making it reality.

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