The Instant Switch Review

The Instant Switch program is about learning how to identify and toggle a specific switch in your mind and overall mental processes. While there’s obviously not an actual light switch buried in your brain, there is a biological one that is turned off in the overwhelming vast majority of people. However, you’ve almost certainly turned it on for temporary periods of time in the past. The key to this program is in learning how to turn it on permanently.

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The Big Idea

If you watch a child get on a balance beam or some other piece of playground equipment, you’ll notice that they’re able to do things that adults can’t do, even though the adults are more athletic and more knowledgeable of what could be done. The difference is that a certain mental “switch” has been turned off as an adult, and that’s the core of the idea behind The Instant Switch.

The switch is all about fear and self-doubt. The child sees the chance for success completely by habit and feels motivated, excited and eager to go after it. On the other hand, the burden of experience means that the adult sees the chance for failure instead. This is completely ingrained in the adult by failures and embarrassment of the past, so that switch is firmly stuck in the off position, which means you have mental barriers that keep you from doing the things you want to do.

The worst part of it, and the part that makes you the most miserable, is that you know that something’s wrong. You know that there’s some kind of problem that keeps what you know you want to do or need to do from happening. The metaphor of the switch in this program is all about identifying exactly what it is that’s wrong and how to fix it.


  • The switch concept is really easy to understand and feel in your daily life.
  • Some people may feel like they have a lot of different problems that keep them from being able to get things done, but they’re all controlled by the same biological switch.
  • You can learn to turn the switch on and off at will instead of having to turn it on permanently, if you prefer.


  • The book is on the longer side, coming in at more than 190 pages.
  • It focuses completely on removing obstacles, but it doesn’t substitute drive to succeed in its place, so you’re left with kind of a blank slate.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line for The Instant Switch is that it’s effective, but it takes some work, and you’ll still have other work to do after you finish learning how to activate that switch. If you want to improve your quality of life overall, it’s a great skill to learn, and something similar should definitely be taught in schools. It’ll give you a big advantage no matter what kind of market or job you’re in, and that includes running your own business.

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